Monday, June 9, 2014

Focus T25 Grilled Fish Taco's -5 Day Fast Track

Happy Monday!I started the Focus T25 5 Day Fast Track yesterday since i had my daughter's bday party on Saturday.I love the T25 meals because they are delicious and simple to make.This meal was my dinner last night and it is probably my favorite out of all of them.

Grilled Fish Taco's

Ingredients: (1 serving)
6oz raw tilapia, washed, patted dry

1/4 tsp salt 
3 (4 inch) corn tortillas
3/4 cup shredded cabbage 
6 fresh cilantro sprigs (I didn't use)
2 TBS fresh lime juice
1 dash cayenne pepper, optional (I used cumin seasoning)
1/4 avocado, cut into 6 slices

1. I cooked my fish in a little bit of olive oil on the stove top.Sprinkled on a dash of cumin & sea salt & let cook until done.Once done a splashed it with lime juice. 

2.Next i toasted the corn tortilla's in a nonstick pan until browned.

3. Place tortillas on a serving plate. Top each tortilla with 1/3 fish, cabbage and cilantro. Season with lime juice and cayenne (if desired). Top with two avocado slices.

If you want you can also top with salsa but for this meal plan i am doing i stuck to the guide book.

More to come :) I am on Day 2 of this fast track will let you all know all of that at the end!!

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