Monday, May 26, 2014

Getting back on Track!

I know i am not the only one who struggles with healthy eating when trying to lose weight.

Well i have been going back and forth these past 2 months i would say...I would eat great all week and then the weekend would come and i would get off track with food.I do believe in keeping it 80% healthy eating and 20% of whatever you want in MODERATION!I also found myself just not caring this past few months because my weight would go up and down in the 150's..I have been in the 150's for like 7-8 months now.The only part i want to lose is my stomach now.But i also feel like the only way that will go away is if i really strict myself or a tummy tuck.


I did the shakeology cleanse yesterday to get me back on track..I started at 159 yesterday and today i was 156..I know most of it is water weight because in the days before that i didn't drink much water and i drunk at least 8 bottles of water yesterday!I am going to just kinda eat what i want but be healthy or a healthier version because if i strict my diet too much i tend to get off track when i want something.

My workouts are not a problem at all!I can workout everyday and not feel like i need to rest.I love working out especially cardio!! I need to do more strength training workouts because i know lifting weights burns more fat and you gain muscle.So doing T25 & 21 Day Fix will help in that area.

On that note i just want to get back on track and get to my goal which is 135 lbs.
As of today that is 21 lbs to lose!

Happy Memorial Day!!Thank you for serving our country <3

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