Thursday, May 15, 2014

My Weight Loss Journey

My story starts like any other i guess,I was a stay at home mom of 3 (2 daughters ages 10 & 6 now) and recently gave birth to our son and last child April 2011.So  i was like ok i have got to get this weight off.Well i didn't get real serious until January 2012,my husband and i basically made a bet - i bet i could go without pop and he bet that i couldn't (because i would say i would and then give up).

My husband and I at his 2002 Prom

So let's back up a little.I got pregnant at the age of 15 and my weight was 146 lbs.With my daughter Regan i had gained 60 LBS,yep you read that right!When i hit 200 lbs while pregnant i cried.When i gave birth my weight was 206 lbs.So since i was a teen i was like ok this weight is going to just come off and i can still eat whatever and not workout. I WAS SO WRONG!! Really wish someone would have told me.

Anyways after she was born my weight was 170 lbs..When you start to gain weight you don't really think you're that big.When we started trying for our second child i was 20 years old and my weight was 229 lbs.We got pregnant right away but i later miscarried at almost 7 weeks.I was devastated,you never think it will happen to you.We was given the ok to start trying again 3 months later but we was already trying in those months and got pregnant within 4 months after the miscarriage.With Brooklyn i watched what i ate and didn't want to gain a lot of weight like i did with my first daughter and i didn't,i gained only 15 lbs.Ok so now we have our daughters and at Brooklyn's first  birthday i thought i was pregnant (I wasn't ready to have another baby,i was always undecided on having anymore),so i took the test and when it was negative i was a little disappointed.This is when my want to have another baby & a son kicked in.It took some time to convince my husband but he was on board.When it didn't happen right away i was thinking something was wrong.I looked up tons of info while trying this time and even on positions to get pregnant with a boy,you name it.We kept trying and trying,finally got pregnant but miscarried.I was probably right at 5 weeks.Since i was so obsessed with ovulation test,dpo's,and following everything i even read that some people get pregnant but it doesn't end up being viable and you get your period like a day or 2 later then you would have.Well when we FINALLY got pregnant it took us 16 months!!It didn't seem like it was ever going to happen.When we found out it was a boy we was so excited,hubby thought for sure it would be another girl.I gained i think 35 lbs with Logan.I ended up having to have a c-section with him which i would not put on my worst enemy!After he was born i weighed 269 lbs,the heaviest i have EVER been.I decided to cut out junk food but i am not sure how long that lasted.I would always start but quit or give up.

This is me at 39 weeks with Logan

So back to the bet made,i was bound to prove my husband wrong!And i did just that for about 6 months (would have been longer but we moved).I was very prod of myself,i mean i put my mind it and i did it.Really does take will power & if you want it bad enough you CAN make it happen.I would have a diet pop here and there from then on out but rarely and i still do to this day.So during that time i was doing Zumba as my workout.I stopped eating junk food like little debbie snack cakes,mac&cheese,and potatoes.In January i was 229 lbs so i was back to my pre-pregnancy weight before both Brooklyn & Logan.In July my weight was 215 lbs and that is when i really got serious about losing weight.There was ups and downs as there is with every journey but i stayed on track and very proud of how much i have lost so far.I NEVER want to go back to that person again.I feel more like ME in my new body then i have in years.I can't wait to see myself in 5 years and see how far i can go!

<------------------------------Here are a list of the workouts i have done in order ------------------------------>

Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred

Jillian Michaels Ripped In 30

Shaun T Hip Hop Abs -This is when i really got motivated because i lost 16 lbs & 21 inches with this!

Shaun T Insanity

Chalene Johnson TurboFire

Chalene Johnson Chalean Extreme

Shaun T Focus T25

Autumn Calabrese 21 Day Fix

Total weight loss so far since giving birth 114.2 lbs..My current weight is 154.8 as of May 15th.My weight has been in the 150's for about 8 months now..The lowest weight i did get was 148.8 with 21 day fix..I am starting to get more ok with that but would love to lose my stomach and i have come to the conclusion that a Tummy Tuck may only be the answer (I won't be able to afford a TT for at least 2 more years)

But for now i am going to continue with my eating healthy 80/20 rule and my workouts.I am doing random workouts until June 12th when i start TurboFire again.

Well i think that is everything,if you have any questions feel free to ask!You can ask me here or on FB,IG,or email me at 

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