Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hi all!

Hello all my followers!So sorry i haven't been on here in a while!Been maybe a month,lol.I got side tracked but here i am to give a little update,plus i was thinking about the inferno plan and wanted to see some of the food to have more options!

I finished Turbofire on March 27th.I lost a total of 13.8 lbs & 4 inches.I started my hybrid program of TurboFire & Hip Hop Abs on April 1st.I have planned on doing the program for 60 days but it's like 3-4 workouts each day and it's all mostly cardio so i feel like it's just to much so i will just do it for 30 days.The 30 day mark will be April 30th.I will get my results from it on May 1st.I am hoping i will get to do CLX.If not i will probably do a Jillian Michaels program.I LOVE JM!

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