Thursday, February 28, 2013

TurboFire Inferno Update!

Good morning!I am now on day 3 of the TurboFire inferno 5 day plan!I just wanted to update on how everything is going and all that.Everything is going good so far like any other day except no eating these delicious looking recipes i found such as peanut butter banana ice cream or these crepes recipes!But i will try them soon enough!!

I usually plan on getting up early enough to workout before i have to get my daughters up for school but yesterday and today i just haven't felt like working out first thing in the morning.I have been laying down to go to bed by 9:00-9:20 and fall asleep before 10 i presume.I wanted to get up by 6 am yesterday but felt like i still needed more sleep so i went back to bed then got up at 6:40 to get my daughter up for school.Even though i got about 8 + hrs of sleep i was falling asleep on the couch yesterday.By 7 i was awake for sure though.This morning i got up at 6:20 ready to workout but still felt a bit like i could use more sleep even though again i got about 8 hrs of sleep.I layed back down because i heard my son awake so i figured i would get him back to sleep since it was early for him to be awake.I got up for good at 6:40 and was fine.I would have done my workout but it was to late since my youngest daughter has to be up by 7:40 to get on the bus between 7:55-8:05,makes it hard to stop during a workout to do that.But anyways as long as i get my workout in for the day it doesn't matter what time i do it!!

I have to say Clean Eating is the best way to go about losing weight,you can still enjoy food you love just in a healthier way!Yes eating this way is more expensive cause the food cost more but you will be healthy!!

Also i find it funny how i drink around 8 cups of water a day (4 bottles of water) regularly but as soon as i was on the cleanse and doing this i drink around 10-12 cups or more water a day.I think it's because if i don't i will end up eating something that isn't in the meal plan.Lol..

I have been tracking my weight during these days and i have already lost a pound.Idk if it's because i usually have a lose during Wednesday & Thursday of each week or due to the diet plan.I think it's my usual lose but we will see what my end results are at the end of these 5 days.Saturday is my last day so i will track everything on Sunday =)

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