Saturday, September 6, 2014

21 Day Fix Breakfast & Challenge Group!

Hello all!!

I am on day 13 of the 21 day fix So far it has been great getting back on track with the healthy eating and working out again.My favorite part would have to be breakfast time & it's the most important meal too!

I love my oatmeal & pancakes!

Idk about you but having something sweet is just nice when trying to lose weight.Plus with 21 day fix i have what i want as long as it's on the fix list for the color coded containers and have the amount of each container i should i day.Which is 4 Red,3 Green,2 Yellow,2 Purple,1 Blue,1 Orange,& 2 TSPS

Guess what is on sale this month?!?! The 21 Day Fix!!!! It's one of the best home workout programs in my opinion because not only does it include short & sweet 30 minute workouts, it also comes with a portion-control meal plan! It's super easy to go overboard on your portions and the 21 Day Fix teaches you how much you should be eating to maintain or lose weight! You can even drink wine and eat chocolate on the FIX!!!For this month only, order Shakeology and get the 21 Day Fix for only $10!! 

HERE are some RESULTS!!

How bad do you want it? You're closer to the body you want than you think. So do this, and feel good!

Get an awesome trainer,workouts,& easy meal plan to follow.Only 30 minutes a day for 21 days!What do you have to lose besides weight?
I'm currently doing this program & down almost 6.2 lbs after 12 days!

Join me in my challenge group will start October 6th!

How To Join:
Step 1: Make a free account with me, if you haven't already

(note: i must be your coach for you to join my challenge)

Step 2: To purchase;
1.Log into your team beachbody account
2.Go to Beachbody Challenge -->Challenge Packs
3.Click 21 Day Fix
4. Pick Shakeology flavor
5.Add to cart

Step 3: Message me and I'll add you to the Challenge Group!

Contact me for more info  here

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