Thursday, March 27, 2014

Update,Tubal Ligation,Beachbody, & a Tummy Tuck?

Sorry is this is all over the place!Just wanted to get it out!


I have been thinking about getting a tummy tuck before i even really got into trying to lose weight.Since i was overweight (229 lbs) I thought well just get a tummy tuck and it will be all good.Well now that i have lost this weight i think NOW would be a better way to go with losing the extra sagging skin.

I went to my OB/GYN Friday for a consult to get my tubes tied and he mentioned the tummy tuck to me cause of the loose skin.Also told me that the last time i was there which was at my 6 week post op csection when i had my son (He was born April 2011) so almost 3 years ago i was 269 LBS!!OMG,i can't believe that.I knew i was like over 260 when Logan as born but sheesh just hearing it after losing all the weight was crazy..So that puts my weight loss at 116 lbs since having my 3rd child.

I think that since i am finally for sure getting the tubal ligation on Wednesday,April 2nd that it makes it so real and that i just want to fix my tummy for me!I have worked hard to get to this place and need this.I know that no matter how hard i keep working out and eat healthy this sagging skin won't just go away.I can say i really think i have like 5-8 lbs of loose skin they could remove!I am just sick of looking at it and want it gone.I know that every surgery has it's risks.I have been researching all day google,IG,youtube,etc!

Even sent an email to a Dr on a website about it.I was even considering the "Mommy Makeover" but i think i will stick with the tummy tuck ;) I plan to get a consult by the end of  April to see how it would all work,money,etc.From the email i got it would cost around $7,400!I can say that is A  LOT of money to spend on surgery but i know it would be so worth it in the end.I have heard the pain is similar to having a csection and that was pretty painful!I remember thinking afterwards i wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy and i would rather have a few kids all natural -LOL-!!

Also since i will not be able to workout for at least 3 weeks after getting my tubes tied i want to start Les Mills Pump in May but since i am also wanting to do that consult idk when the tummy tuck would be and all that but i did get the program in this week and can't wait to start!I am back in the 150's i think i live there!Was stuck in the 150's for 6 months then did 21 day fix and finally see 149.2 (lowest) and then when i took a few days off kinda slipped into eating whatever i went back to the 150's,even though i look the same as i did at 149 and 155 lbs.But if i do the tummy tuck i know i will a okay with the 150's so i don't have to look at the saggy skin anymore and fit better in clothes!

Here is my tummy o_0

Have you have a Tummy Tuck?How was your experience?Share you story with me!!Pics are awesome too :)

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