Thursday, July 11, 2013

Workout Today!

I decided to record myself working out and post it on youtube,you not!Lol i have seen many vids of people doing the same.I guess it helps give those wondering about a workout a chance to look at it and see if it's something they would or could do.

Here is the link CLX Burn Interval

Day 71 of 90 done..First off woah!!I had energy from the ‪#‎preworkout‬ drink to push as hard as i ever have through ‪#‎chaleanextreme‬ Burn Interval BUT i felt like my heart rate got to high and i had to stop and take a breather a few times & once i was finished to move on to Extreme Abs i was really shakey and i could only go about 10 mins into it because i felt like i was going to throw up so i stopped and ate a banana & been drinking water.To this moment i still feel shakey & i WILL NOT EVER take that stuff again and i wouldn't recommend it either!! 

After i ate i felt better but i was still shakey feeling awhile after i finished my workout.I think i will stick to food or protein powders i have used for pre & post workouts!


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