Monday, March 4, 2013

Week 10,Day 62 Of Turbofire!

Wow,yes week 10 of the 12 week program TurboFire!!!Can't believe i just have 2 weeks and 6 days of this program now!I LOVE this workout as i have said probably hundreds of times,lol!But i really do,she mentions in the workout about you have found your soul-mate workout and YES i have!

I am already stoked to do this workout again along with HIP HOP ABS.Which will be for 2 months!I will be doing that hybrid as soon as i finish out this program which is on March 24th!I am also going to get me some weighted gloves so i can work more on my arms.

Today's workout was HIIT 20,Abs 10,& Stretch 10!I love the HIIT workouts.Abs 10 not so much even though i know it works cause my ABS BURN much more with this 10 minute workout then any other ab workout i have done!!

Woke up this morning at 6:20 and was really wanting to go back to sleep but i told myself to get up so i could get my workout in and be done and ready for the day.I like having my workout done early.Plus it helped that i am going to be texting a friend to help her get her workout in early also!

I love helping others with getting started with losing weight.I as most people who first start out wanting to lose weight needed a push and didn't have that really so i want to be there for others if i can!I can only do so much though,YOU have to do the work!If your mind is not really ready then you will fail,you have to think positive and know YOU CAN DO IT!

Look at me for instance,when i first started out trying to lose weight i weighed 229lbs!!!Yes i know,crazy!I was like how could i let myself get that big.I didn't think i looked that big until i saw photos of myself.It was time for a change.Once you are REALLY ready to do what you have to do to lose the weight,you can do anything.It isn't a diet,it's a LIFESTYLE CHANGE!!

You can still enjoy food,just in a healthier way!You can workout & still have fun!
Once you start seeing results that will push you to keep going =)


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