Sunday, February 24, 2013

My Weight Loss Story,not finished just yet!

Well i wanted to share my weight loss journey so far!I still have about 35 lbs to lose so i am not finished yet but i have lost a lot of weight so far!

I was pretty average size in my teen years,when i got pregnant my weight was 146 lbs i was 15 years old.I hit 206 lbs when i gave birth to my first daughter.Weighed in at 170 lbs after she was born and i thought the rest of the weight would just come off & thought i didn't have to workout or watch what i ate,boy was i wrong.If only i knew then what i know now!!

I just started gaining weight slowly over the years and never really noticed until i seen myself in photos (you never really think you're that big until you see yourself in a photo).When i got pregnant with my second daughter i weighed 229 lbs.I was determined not to gain a lot of weight with the pregnancy and i didn't,i only gained 15 lbs.After she was born i breastfeed her and found that helped with losing weight.I wanted some more help with losing weight and one day i seen an infomercial for Hip Hop Abs one day and ordered it.I did the program for maybe 2 weeks or something like that and just stopped.I wanted to go ahead and start trying for another baby (hoping for a boy) and it took 16 months to get pregnant with him.After my c-section with him i was ready to start losing weight for real and get my health and body back since our son was our last child.

I started January 1st,2012 at 229 lbs

I stopped drinking pop and drunk more water.I worked out to zumba about 3-5 times a week.By June 2012 i weighed 212 lbs.We moved into out new home that we was buying and i slacked a little and i gained like 3 lbs so i got back to what i knew best and searched and searched for workouts that people saw results with.I seen a lot of amazing results with Jillian Michaels workouts and found 30 day shred so i did that and i was afraid if i took a rest day i would stop working out all together so i kept going for 30 days,no rest days!

I found that i had a new love with working out and LOVED seeing the weight come off!I also found an amazing site to help keep track of my calories and calories i burned.There is also some awesome people i have met on there.-->

I wanted to have something else to do when i was finished and i figured i'd do another JM workout,so i did Ripped In 30(way different then i expected it to be).I pushed through,almost through it i wanted to go ahead and figure out what to do next so i was thinking about Hip Hop Abs again and so i did that when i finished JM RI30!I finished Hip Hop Abs and loved my results and was thinking about going a hybrid of JM 30DS & RI30 but a member on MFP mentioned Insanity so i tried the fit test to see if it is something i could do & i could do it.I went ahead with doing Insanity & it was INSANE!I liked the first month but one the second month came it was harder and more intense.I found myself not looking forward to working out but did it anyways!

When i finished Insanity i couldn't be happier & TurboFire was next for my workout program!I have to say it was a lot different then Insanity and it's a workout i actually look forward to and have fun with.TurboFire is my FAVORITE workout EVER!!As of today (February 24th 2013) i have completed 2 months and have a month to go!I have already planned to do a hybrid of TurboFire & Hip Hop Abs next!!!!

Results from each program completed so far =)
JM 30 Day Shred (July 4th 2012) --> Total lost 5.2 lbs & 11 1/2 inches

JM Ripped In 30 (August 3rd 2012) --> Total lost 9.6 lbs & 11 1/4 inches

Hip Hop Abs ( September 3rd 2012) --> Total lost 16.2 lbs & 21 inches

Insanity (October 30th 2012) --> Total lost 11.2 lbs & 8 1/4 inches

*As of this date i have lost 65.8 lbs*
My weight keeps fluctuating between 163-165 since i finished the 3 day shakeology cleanse.

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